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Mistral: Démontage de la propagande Sputnik/FN

Dans un article recent, Sputnik News, organe officiel de propagande du Kremlin donne la parole a Gauthier Bouchet, conseiller municipal FN à Saint-Nazaire. Petit florilège et démontage des fausses informations:


Mistral: France offers to refund € 784,6 million while Russia wants € 1,163 Bln

Lately, rumours about the Mistral spread as the speed of light without considering facts and verified numbers. Let's get a few things straight:

1) France offers France offers to refund € 784,6 million while Russia wants € 1,163 Bln to terminate the contract.

2) Price of maintenance of the Mistral is not € 5 millions per month but € 0,4 million/month.

Mistral or the epic fails of russian media propaganda

Today's order of 36 Rafale aircraft to France from India, proved once more the fails of russian propaganda. A few month ago, in order to convince french people and the world that France had all interests in delivering the Mistral to Russia, russian media propaganda spent a lot of energy in spreading fear and lies in case of non delivery. Comparison between russian lies and nowadays reality:

Russian sailors left France without the Mistral. Bon vent!

Smolny exit, photo Bernard Grua

SAINT-NAZAIRE, France, Dec 18 (NMFP) - A ship carrying the Russian sailors who have been training for months on a French-built Mistral helicopter carrier left the French port of Saint-Nazaire on Thursday, in a departure that seems to exclude the delivery of the Mistral to Russia.

Mistral: Russian sailors to leave permanently France Thursday 18th of December

Smolnyi in St Nazaire, Photo Bernard Grua

UPDATE: Ouest France posted pictures of the Russian sailors going back to the Smolnyi with all their belongings. The departure would be for tomorrow Thursday 18th of December around 2pm French time, during the high tide. The sailors are doing a last shopping spree before final departure.

RBTH, Sputnik: The old and new Russian propaganda news machine

Russia Beyond the Headline reached 10,162 million readers around the world through its supplements in newspapers' hard copies in 2013.

Everybody knows Russia Today is Kermlin's voice while most people ignore they are reading russian propaganda in supplements in the most famous newspapers' hard copies or that the newly created Sputnik news agency is to become the most influent propaganda machine.

France Says it May Never Deliver Mistral Ships to Russia

In another step towards the non delivery of the Mistral, French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian declared today that there is a possiblity that France will never go throught with the delivery of the Mistral-class ships.

Le Drian: Russians have to realise that we may never deliver.

Mistral: 2500 jobs at stake, another russian lie

While Russian media claim that postponing the delivery of the Mistral is putting 2500 jobs at stake, only 300 to 400 people are still working on the second Mistral which is finished at more than 60%. Thanks to new huge American orders for civil ships, St nazaire has no concerns about employment.