Mistral or the epic fails of russian media propaganda

Today's order of 36 Rafale aircraft to France from India, proved once more the fails of russian propaganda. A few month ago, in order to convince french people and the world that France had all interests in delivering the Mistral to Russia, russian media propaganda spent a lot of energy in spreading fear and lies in case of non delivery. Comparison between russian lies and nowadays reality:

Russian sailors left France without the Mistral. Bon vent!

Smolny exit, photo Bernard Grua

SAINT-NAZAIRE, France, Dec 18 (NMFP) - A ship carrying the Russian sailors who have been training for months on a French-built Mistral helicopter carrier left the French port of Saint-Nazaire on Thursday, in a departure that seems to exclude the delivery of the Mistral to Russia.

Mistral: Russian sailors to leave permanently France Thursday 18th of December

Smolnyi in St Nazaire, Photo Bernard Grua

UPDATE: Ouest France posted pictures of the Russian sailors going back to the Smolnyi with all their belongings. The departure would be for tomorrow Thursday 18th of December around 2pm French time, during the high tide. The sailors are doing a last shopping spree before final departure.

France Says it May Never Deliver Mistral Ships to Russia

In another step towards the non delivery of the Mistral, French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian declared today that there is a possiblity that France will never go throught with the delivery of the Mistral-class ships.

Le Drian: Russians have to realise that we may never deliver.

The Mistral Vladivostok is not Russian anymore!

Good news, the russian identification MMSI (273549920) for the Mistral Vladivostok has completely been disabled and doesn't officially exist anymore. The page where we were able to see it until today now returns a 404 error while a research with the vessel name "Vladivostok" on the website marinetraffic returns only one

The Mistral Vladivostok without nationality following a russian piracy act?

The unexpected change of the MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identity) of the Mistral Vladivostok last friday November the 14th, showing this one as russian on online tracking systems, raises a few questions:

Who decided this change and why?

Who decided to change the MMSI is quite unclear at the moment where we are writing this article. DCNS explains it not very convincingly by a test requested by VERITAS.

DCNS: Russia's shipyards unable to build Mistral helicopter carriers

​​Photo taken in May 2014 of the first "Ivan Green" class boat built in Russia's Yantar Shipbuilding plant. Ten years after its construction started, it is still not finished.

There has been a few articles lately in Russian newspapers about Russian shipyards being able to buy the Mistral, would France decide not to deliver the war ships.

Hollande And Van Rompuy's Answer To The E.U Proposition to Buy The Mistrals.

37 Members of the European Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee, representing four groups and 14 Member States, have sent in a common letter to Francois Hollande and Herman Van Rompuy (president of the European Council) a proposition for the E.U to buy the Mistral. .

We managed to get a copy of the answers of Mr Hollande and Mr Van Rompuy to this proposition. Here are the main points of each of them: