Mistral: Russian sailors to leave permanently France Thursday 18th of December

Smolnyi in St Nazaire, Photo Bernard Grua

UPDATE: Ouest France posted pictures of the Russian sailors going back to the Smolnyi with all their belongings. The departure would be for tomorrow Thursday 18th of December around 2pm French time, during the high tide. The sailors are doing a last shopping spree before final departure.

RBTH, Sputnik: The old and new Russian propaganda news machine

Russia Beyond the Headline reached 10,162 million readers around the world through its supplements in newspapers' hard copies in 2013.

Everybody knows Russia Today is Kermlin's voice while most people ignore they are reading russian propaganda in supplements in the most famous newspapers' hard copies or that the newly created Sputnik news agency is to become the most influent propaganda machine.

Russian marines permanently on board of the Mistral "Vladivostok"?

Russians boarding Vladicvvostok, photo Bernard Grua


According to Russia’s news website, dozens of Russian marines, together with officers and sailors from the country’s Pacific and Baltic Fleets, currently remain on board the warship, the website says, quoting a representative of the General Staff without disclosing his name.