Mistral: brèves de comptoir et déraison

Photo Bernard Grua, Sebastopol et Vladivostok à Penhoët 15/05/2015

Ici, à la pointe Ouest de l'Europe, le temps est maussade. Alors, en attendant les beaux jours, on s'occupe comme on peut. Sujet favori, les Mistral. Nous vous proposons la première partie d'un bêtisier de ce que la morosité ambiante peut faire dire à certains. Les titres de chaque paragraphe sont tirés de commentaires posté sous un article d'un journal local.

The Mistral Vladivostok without nationality following a russian piracy act?

The unexpected change of the MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identity) of the Mistral Vladivostok last friday November the 14th, showing this one as russian on online tracking systems, raises a few questions:

Who decided this change and why?

Who decided to change the MMSI is quite unclear at the moment where we are writing this article. DCNS explains it not very convincingly by a test requested by VERITAS.

Russian marines permanently on board of the Mistral "Vladivostok"?

Russians boarding Vladicvvostok, photo Bernard Grua


According to Russia’s Gazeta.ru news website, dozens of Russian marines, together with officers and sailors from the country’s Pacific and Baltic Fleets, currently remain on board the warship, the website says, quoting a representative of the General Staff without disclosing his name.

Le Mistral Vladivostok apatride suite à un acte de piraterie russe?

Suite au changement inattendu de MMSI (numéro d'immatriculation international maritime) du Mistral Vladivostok survenu le vendredi 14 Novembre, faisant apparaître le navire sous pavillon russe, plusieurs questions se posent:

Qui a décidé ce changement et pourquoi?

Le Mistral Vladivostok est passé sous pavillon russe pendant une journée le 14 Nov

14 Novembre, 14h00: Un activiste, Yuriy Tyukhnin, note que le MMSI (sorte de numéro d'immatriculation pour navires) du Mistral Vladivostok vient tout juste de changer de 227022600 (France) à 273549920 (Russie). Il semblerait que le navire soit officiellement Russe maintenant.

Will the French authorities be able to track the Mistral during the next "sea trials"?

Schreenshot from the marinetraffic.com website (15th of Oct). Only the MMSI is left

It appears that sometimes, Interfax or other news agencies are delivering important pieces of information that are not relayed by the media, most certainly because nobody understood its importance. Here is one from yesterday.

The very important piece is :" following the Vladivostok's two trial cruises in the Bay of Biscay, the two Russian crews switched off the automatic identification system used by the French Navy."