Mistral deal

Financial consequences of the Mistral deal for France: better cancel it!

Canceling the Mistral deal will have no influence over India buying 126 Rafale aircrafts from France for 12 billion euros and would open doors for 29 billion euros tenders in Poland and Australia. On the other hand, France would have to refund 700 to 800 million euros already paid by Russia and pay a penalty of 251 million euros in case of non delivery. Do the maths...

DCNS: Russia's shipyards unable to build Mistral helicopter carriers

​​Photo taken in May 2014 of the first "Ivan Green" class boat built in Russia's Yantar Shipbuilding plant. Ten years after its construction started, it is still not finished.

There has been a few articles lately in Russian newspapers about Russian shipyards being able to buy the Mistral, would France decide not to deliver the war ships.

Nadal: The Mistral Vladivostok is under french flag

Following the article we published last Friday when we spotted that the Mistral Vladivostok could be seen in the international system of registration and identification of vessels under russian flag, Romain Nadal, spokesperson of the French Ministry of Foreign affairs, officially stated that the war ship is back under French flag.

"I certify that the helicopter carrier Vladivostok is under French flag," - said Nadal.