Mistral: What will happen on the 14th of November?

Answering a journalist's question on the situation around the Mistral-class warship, Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov said that "the invitation has not been withdrawn, and the man [responsible for the delivery] has been dismissed. What to make of it? It is up to you."

From the last news we had, STX/DCNS were still preparing for the ceremony to handover the boat on the 14th.

What is going on? Will Francois Hollande finally take a decision or at least communicate on it?

DCNS denies rumours of delivering the Mistral to Russia in the next days.

Sebastopol in St Nazaire, photo Bernard Grua

STX spokesman declaration?

Russian Newspaper wrote earlier today that an STX spokesman declared that they would deliver the Mistral to Russia in the next days, weeks.

We contacted Delphine Glédel, official spokesman of STX that suggested we get in touch with DCNS directly.

French envoy: for the moment there is no reason to deliver the Mistral

In a video interview given to Bloomberg, on the 22nd of Oct, France’s ambassador to the U.S Gerard Araud declared that there is no reason so far to deliver the Mistrals.

Here is a transcript of this interview:

Does France at this point see any reason to ease up sanctions against Russia?

Reportage, Saint Nazaire 19/10/2014, la nuit des embrouilles

St Nazaire, photo Bernard Grua

L'activiste de "No Mistrals for Putin", Bernard Grua, à la poursuite du "Vladivostok" fantôme ou comment le gouvernement français exerce son blackout sur une collaboration militaire avec le régime de Vladimir Poutine. Vaudeville et géopolitique à la sauce Hollandaise, le 19 octobre 2014.

Will the French authorities be able to track the Mistral during the next "sea trials"?

Schreenshot from the marinetraffic.com website (15th of Oct). Only the MMSI is left

It appears that sometimes, Interfax or other news agencies are delivering important pieces of information that are not relayed by the media, most certainly because nobody understood its importance. Here is one from yesterday.

The very important piece is :" following the Vladivostok's two trial cruises in the Bay of Biscay, the two Russian crews switched off the automatic identification system used by the French Navy."

RED ALERT! Escape of the Mistral to Russia on the 17th of October?

Screenshot showing the next movements of the Mistral "Vladivostok". The letter "S" stands for the word sortie which means departure in French

We announced a bit earlier that there was a departure without return that was scheduled for the Mistral "Vladivostok" on the 21th of November.

Departure of the Mistral "Vladivostok" to Russia?

Screenshot showing the next movements of the Mistral "Vladivostok". The letter "S" stands for the word sortie which means departure in French

Will the Mistral Vladivostok depart to Russia on the 21st of November?

The Mistral Vladivostok went twice on "sea trials" in September and October. Those exits were not exactly for sea trials are those were already performed in March. The goal of both trips was to train the 400 russian military sailors to use the war ship. No further training has been planned

Sabordage des Mistral - Breizh Info, précurseur en appelant au sabotage

Quand Breizh Info rêve de sabotage

Le 6 octobre 2014, Breizh Info, site web d'extrême droite, relayant, en la "bretonnisant", la propagande du Front National et du Kremlin publiait l'article suivant.
"Saint-Nazaire. L’activiste pro-ukrainien Bernard Grua appelle-t-il à saboter les Mistral ?"
06/10/2014 – 10H00 Saint-Nazaire (Breizh-info.com) - L’activiste Bernard Grua, chef de file du collectif No Mistrals for Putin a publié sur sa page Facebook le 3 octobre des photos du BPC Vladivostok dans la forme Joubert, alors qu’il venait de rentrer de dix jours d’essais en mer.