Polish activists call for boycott of French arms industry if the Mistral is delivered to Russia

Polish activists demand from Poland's Ministry of Defence to exclude French Eurosam consortium (composed of Thales and MBDA) from pending contracts for supplies to the Polish military, unless France cancels the Mistral deal. The choice should be simple - by delivering Mistrals to Russia France should lose Polish military market!

Procurement currently pending is for a contract valued at ca. 6,5 bn euros. More contracts are planned.

DCNS: Russia's shipyards unable to build Mistral helicopter carriers

​​Photo taken in May 2014 of the first "Ivan Green" class boat built in Russia's Yantar Shipbuilding plant. Ten years after its construction started, it is still not finished.

There has been a few articles lately in Russian newspapers about Russian shipyards being able to buy the Mistral, would France decide not to deliver the war ships.

Hollande And Van Rompuy's Answer To The E.U Proposition to Buy The Mistrals.

37 Members of the European Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee, representing four groups and 14 Member States, have sent in a common letter to Francois Hollande and Herman Van Rompuy (president of the European Council) a proposition for the E.U to buy the Mistral. .

We managed to get a copy of the answers of Mr Hollande and Mr Van Rompuy to this proposition. Here are the main points of each of them:


Alternative solutions for the Mistrals

Some solutions such as selling the Mistrals to NATO, the EU or even waiting to seize the Mistrals to pay the fine Russia owes in the Yukos case often appeared in the media these last months. Here are the most advanced propositions or articles about those:

1) European Union: Resolution/Proposal for the E.U to purchase Mistral ships:

Mistrals and Poland: All the markets France might lose

As Euronaval is going on, here is a good detailed reminder for the French government about each tender France might lose in Poland if it decides to go ahead and deliver the Mistral to Putin.

Polish Defense Minister Tomasz Siemoniak explained on the 29th of September that Poland might prefer to chose the American Raytheon instead of the French MBDA/Thales as missiles shield supplier for an amount of 5.8 billion euros, would France decide to deliver the Mistrals to Russia.