Mistral Vladivostok: imminent departure?

Vlaivostok in Joubert dock, photo Bernard Grua

Photo Bernard Grua, the Mistral Vladivostok in the Louis Joubert Lock.

The Mistral « Sevastopol » left its dry dock without ceremony last night, was floated out and is being prepared for sea trials

In the, although huge, dock basin of Penhoet , she replaced the « Vladivostok ». This one is now, Friday 21st of November 2014, in the middle of the Louis Joubert Lock (which is used for boats departing to sea). The tracking system of the Vladivostok has been stopped yesterday, Thursday 20th of November 2014 at 3:37 pm French time. Anybody relying on the tracking system would see the Mistral still in the basin of Penhoet. The MMSI has been re-activated this morning at 08:53am, confirming the new position.

The "Vladivostok" is only one door away from the sea and can sail away during the next high tide, today at 03H47pm French time or, during the night of Friday to Saturday at 04:00am.

Let us remind you that on the official website of the port of Nantes-St-Nazaire, the departure, without return date, was announced for the 21st of November a while ago. Three russian instructors confirmed to us orally a departure before the 28th of November. This should be seen in the context of Russia pressuring the French government to take a decision before the end of November.

Let's remember too what has to be called an act of piracy performed by the russian crew: the fact that the « Vladivostok » was under Russian flag with a new MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identity) during the day of the 14th of November.

Everything is ready for a definitive departure of the « Vladivostok » in the next hours.
Author: Bernard Grua

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