One year ago: First international protests against the Mistral deal

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It was on the 1st of June 2014. Organisers around the world coordinated to hold the first international protest against the Mistral deal in front of consulates and French embassies.

There had been a few independent protests but we felt that organising an international protest around the world on the same day wold be more efficient to raise interest.

At that time, almost nobody was aware of the Mistral deal and it was still hard to get the media to be interested in this subject. After this first protest, finally media started reporting that opponents to the deal wanted it cancelled. It was the real start of the fight against the Mistral deal

Protests were held that day in : France (St Nazaire), Ukraine (Kyiv), Ireland (Dublin), USA (New York City), Canada (Toronto), Canada (Ottawa), Canada (Montreal), United Kingdom (London), Ukraine (Ivano-Frankivsk), Germany (Frankfurt)

A few pictures from around the world this day:

St-Nazaire, France:

Dublin, Ireland:

London, UK:

Kyiv, Ukraine:

Ottawa, Canada:

Toronto, Canada:

New York, USA:

Ivano Frankivsk, Ukraine:

The facebook page No Mistrals for Putin was created following this on the 4th of June to have one place to put together the pictures, the informations etc… One year later, you are 5500 to follow us and fight against the deal!

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